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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Kayak CR - You Lost That Lovin' Feeling

Its been a while since me and my buddies had some good catches. The law of probability says we are due some good luck. I had a good feeling about the launch and shared with my kayak buddies only to be met with disbelief and laughter. Probably due to fact I have the same loving feeling before every launch hahaha.

So anyway we proceeded with our launch and reached our usual area. We separated to cover more spots as well as to see where the fish favours that day. Within 30mins, I was on to my first fish, a Grouper almost 1kg. Didn’t put up much of a fight though, even on my carbon rod. Still, it was a good start. I knew my feeling was right!

Darren then paddled over and from the smile beaming from his face, I knew he had something. A 4kg KBL! He had found a sweet spot where the bites were plenty and some of us went over to join him. I decided to test another known spot but couldn’t get any bites. Apparently, they got another 2 table sized KBL at the spot!

After a while, the bites stopped. We then decided to switch to another spot. That was our strategy for the day: No fish, we move on. We waited for about 15mins and was about to call it a day when my line went crazy. A quick fight and a estimated 1kg grunter surfaced.

While I was removing the hook, another buddy got a solid hook up and a Ang Kuay (also about a kg) came up reluctantly.

That was all the action for the day and pretty good stuff for about 3 hrs of fishing!

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