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Thursday, 27 December 2012

New stocks of kayaks and accessories in now!

We have new stocks of kayaks and new accessories shipped directly from the States! Read on to see what is available now!

Kayaks - Emotion Spitfire 9, Spitfire 8, Stealth Angler, Comotion Two Seater. Look under our Kayak List for more information on the specifications.

Accessories - Foam Car Racks, Tie Down Straps, Paddles Leashes, Dry Bags, Easy Carry Straps, High Back Seats, Scupper Carts and Strap Carts.


Emotion Spitfire 9

Emotion Spitfire 8

Emotion Stealth Angler

Emotion Comotion


Foam Racks for carrying kayaks on your car at $140. Its only $130 if you purchase a kayak with this.


Coleman Universal Kayak Carts at $120. Can hold up to 110 pounds in load capacity.

Coleman Paddle/Rod Leash at $10 each.

Coleman Dry Bags to protect your stuff. Good for offshore boat trips too. 6 Litre at $16 and 20 Litre at $25.

Easy Carry Straps at $30. This is for lighter kayaks such as Spitfire 8 or 9. You can also fix it on the wall for easy storage at home.

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