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Monday, 13 August 2012

Kayak Launch on 12th Aug

Six of us went out on a Sunday. This time we selected an area known for its waves and windy condition. Still, we decided to give it a go on our Emotion Spitfire 8, Spitfire 9, Stealth Angler x2, Hobie i9 and Tequila kayaks.

The conditions were pretty unforgiving that day. Wind and waves were pushing us around. We were not in any trouble but we are too "pampered" as we have been usually fishing in calmer conditions.

We drifted around and caught a few small groupers, and other smaller fishes. No pics for these and we released them all.

We quickly assessed the situation. It was too early to head back, not after we put in the effort to launch our kayaks! Yet, we didn't want to stay out in the choppy conditions. We caught sight of a remote beach which was not accessible by foot or by land. And we decided to land there for a quick break.

A real quiet and remote beach

Taking a break!

Stealth Angler

Spitfire 9

Lesson to be learnt here is to know your own limitations. If you are not comfortable with the conditions, then its time to re-assess the situation. That's what we did, and that's why we landed on this beach. It's not a must to stay out on your kayak to have fun!

This remote beach is not accessible by land or by foot. And it is separated from the main land by a huge forested area. The place looked relatively untouched. It's like our own private beach! Without the bikini babes unfortunately.......

Well anyway, we tried luring near the shore, and a few friends decided to try the most basic of rigs, small hooks with small prawn meat. We hit on a school of delicious swa chiam!

Not the fish we want, but still fun!

 We also hooked up small groupers, leng chiam and other small fishes even though we cast very near to shore. Our rods were mostly 5ft carbon rods and were not meant for casting distance.

Grouper landed very near to shore

Really cool place. The fishes were not really the ones we were after but it was still fun, fishing and relaxing on a quiet beach, and making the most of our situation.

A few of us had enough rest and we decided to give it another go. They drifted pretty near to shore and was rewarded with a nice take. The grouper dived back to the rocks and we thought it was a sangkut. But thankfully, the angler insisted it was a take and he finally manage to reel up a nice grouper!

We brought the swa chiam out and used them as baits. Not surprisingly, when you use the baits caught at the fishing area, there were quite a few takes. But we just couldn't set the damn hooks. One snapper actually kept biting my baitfish till it came up beside my kayak. Talk about adding insult to injury and all that.

Well, it wasn't a day where we had big and plentiful catches, but landing on a remote beach with small fishes everywhere was still pretty fun by my standards. We are making plans to revisit the beach but this time with camping gears and beers! Oh, and longer rods!