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Monday, 27 August 2012

Gears for Kayak Fishing

So you have bought your first kayak, and now planning your first launch. What do you want to bring?

Speaking from my own experience, I brought loads of stuff on my first ever launch. It felt like I was kayaking in my storeroom. Haha. I am embarassed but here's the pic. Needless to say, I started putting aside gears that I do not need and gears that are essentials for me. Each kayaker have their own preference on what items and gears they like to have on their kayak. Below is a list that I prepared based on my own preference and experience.

Storeroom? Aircraft carrier? Hahaha

My Essentials

1. Fishing rod/reels - Usually I bring along two set-ups, one for baiting and one for luring.

2. Bait box - What I did is to buy the smallest bait box I can find - anything that can fit in 300g of baits is   enough for me.

3. Personal Floatation Device - Lifejacket, obviously its mandatory to wear one

4. Dry Bag - To store your hp, wallet, keys, etc

5. Fishing gears - I bring along a plier, Boga grip, scissors. I keep a small box of terminal tackles and bring along 2-3 lures. I usually also tie a few spare rigs so I wont have to bother tying them on the kayak.

6. Drinks and Food - I always bring ample water, and some snack bars to replenish energy.

7. Waterproof Camera - To capture that moment! Who is gonna believe you if there is no photo!

8. Towline - This is important if you are going out in a group or pair. I bought 10 metres of bungee cord with carabiners on both ends. This is to tow your friend in emergencies.

9. Sunblock - Our weather is relentless. Make sure you have sunblock and long pants/sleeves and caps to protect yourself. Throw in a small raincoat if you like.

10. Ikea Plastic Bag! - This is really really important. Haha. The big blue-colored plastic bag from Ikea is very useful for storing and carrying all your gears. I have 4-5 of them at home.

For Consideration

1. Whistle - To attract attention of boaters

2. Ice box - To keep fish and drinks. However, I release most of my catches and bring along a fish clip just for that one special catch. I hate having the weight of the ice box on my kayak.

3. Anchor - This could be one of the essentials. It really depends on your familiarity with the terrain. Anchor is useful when the currents/winds are strong and you find yourself drifting out of position quickly. I used to bring out anchor to unfamiliar terrains. But for those familiar places, I know where to hide from the currents and sometimes I leave the anchor at home.

4. Fish Finder - Again, this is also up to preference and terrain. I only bring this out when I am exploring new areas.

5. Landing Net - A lot of kayakers bring along a landing net. Good to land and control the fish. But I am lazy bugger so I will just place the fish on my kayak. I will simply cut the line and release if I bring up a poisonous species.

6. Safety knife - For emergencies

7. First Aid Kit - For emergencies

8. Marine Goop, Instant Repair Kit - For emergencies. If your kayk is damaged, quicky land the kayak on the nearest beach and administer repair.

This list is obviously not exhaustive and not definite. But hopefully this will give you an idea of what you probably need to get started on kayak fishing. I am a really lazy kayak angler. Don't get me wrong, I like paddling but I hate the time needed to set up and clean up. So I bring along the minimal items so I can reduce the time needed. Nowadays, it only takes me about 10 mins to set up and wash up my Stealth Angler and gears. For me, less time to set up and wash = more time on the water!

I may have miss out other gears. If I did, drop me a SMS at 9029-8020 so I can add it in!

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