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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Emotion Kayak Fishing Pics

I am sharing some pics of fishing on Emotion Kayaks! Thanks to all the Emotion Kayakers who contributed both knowingly and unknowingly. Haha.

Keep them coming!

Emotion Spitfire 9

Emotion Comet 8

Caught on Emotion Comet 8

Comet 8

Another one on Comet 8

Grouper on Spitfire 9

Emotion Spitfire 8!

Emotion Stealth Angler

Another one on Emotion Stealth Angler!



  1. How did the spitfire 8 go? I want to get one.

  2. Hi Tom, the Spitfire 8 is actually pretty decent for its price. Its a stable kayak and easy to transport around because of its size. Obviously the tradeoff for its size is that it doesnt track as well as longer kayaks. It is good enough to handle the sheltered waters in Singapore and we have paddled 4-5km on it. If you are looking for a kayak that can get you further and faster, than you should consider the Emotion Stealth or Temptation.