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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Report on Kayak Project demo session 16th June

It was a great day out. Thanks to all the interested parties who came and tested the kayaks and all the friends and fellow kayakers who showed up to help. Although it was just a simple test session, it would not be possible without help from you guys.

The kayaks on demo were Stealth Angler, Spitfire 9, Glide Angler and Comet 8.

General feedback as below:-

Stealth Angler - Best of the lot, tracks very well and stable. Comes with 3 rod holders.

Spitfire 9 - Tracking is decent for its length. Best thing about it is the price and that it can fit into most lifts. Suitable for fishing but not for long expedition.

Glide Angler - Was put through a very detailed test. Bouyancy, stability and tracking is good. This is a sit inside kayak so this will be recommended for anglers who have paddled one before or have a kayak one star certification.

Comet 8 - Track surprisingly well for a 8ft 3inch kayak. Compact and light. I brought this kayak out for a 5hrs launch the next day. (refer to my CR "Punggol Launch 17th June" for pics.

Interested parties, friends and fellow kayakers who came to help!

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